About Bloomingburg Spring & Wire Form

The many years of experience behind this well-known organization of craftsmen has resulted in custom made, quality products. Working with the customer to their specifications, our engineering and production specialists are here to offer assistance in designing and manufacturing the proper spring or wire form to meet the demand. Our aggregate of knowledge, gained through years of experience, is our greatest asset, and the diversity of the large and small industries we have served is our most valued recommendation.

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Compression Springs

Extension Springs

Torsion Springs

Double Torsion Springs


Flat Springs

Wire Forms

Edge Supports

What makes Bloomingburg so great?

  • Custom Made Precision Coiled Springs

    Bloomingburg Spring & Wire Form Co. Inc. specializes in the production of custom-made precision coiled springs and formed wire specialties.

  • Quality and Service That Can't Be Beaten!

    We pride ourselves in providing superior service. At Bloomingburg Spring & Wire Form Co. Inc., great service is not just a standard; it's a tradition.

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